Deep Analysis Of Adani Ports Share Price And TradingView


Technical Analysis on Adani Ports Share Price with AympeR Markets Super Premium Strategy. Learn how to Analysis Stocks by yourself

Deep Analysis Of Adani Ports Share Price And TradingView


Company Information:

Group = A
Face Value = 2
Last Bonus = No Data
Last Dividend = 100% as on 26 JULY 2018
Industry Sector = Marine Port & Services
Competitor = Larsen & Toubro, Siemens, ABB India, BHEL etc.

Detail Information about Trading System used:

System = Super Premium Trading System
Analysis = Pure Technical Analysis
Time Frame used = Daily, 10 Minute and 3 Minute
System based on = Volumes Traded, Time Frame and Breakout.

Deep Analysis:

Stock Trend = Uptrend (Long Term Downtrend)
Potential Risk = Low
Waiting Period = 3 to 4 Months
Return Expectation = 25 to 30%
Term = Short Term
Position = Buying
Current Price = 355 (Closing price on 11 DEC 2018)
Entry Price = 300 (Wait until it hit Support level price and Enter)
Exit Price = 400


Points to note :

Group: The Bombay Stock Exchange has divided the Companies into groups to identify the Stock in terms of Size, Liquidity and exchange compliance. It is grouped in A, B, S, T, TS and Z category.

Term: Term is the duration of holding any instrument like a fixed or limited period of time for example Intraday, Short term, Long Term, BTST, etc.

Waiting period: Waiting period can be very complicated when holding any specific stocks which trade in very high volume.

Return Expectation: Return expectation can be set by analysing Stock on a various timeframe which investor can expect. A Technical Analyst decides as Lower timeframe has a lower expectation and higher timeframe has a higher expectation. But this can’t be guaranteed on high Liquidity and volume making Stocks.

Entry and Exit: Once timeframe and Period of holding is decided by Analyst after Analysing the stock completely, he can set the best Entry and Exit point by calculating many things on Charts with Indicators, Trend and Flow.

Disclaimer : All Analysis is the opinion and view of AympeR Markets. Investors should be aware of the risks involved in the stock market, and you use the material contained herein for educational purpose only. Stock Market is not suitable for every investor, trade at your own risk. We do not provide any Tips or Advice Service, we believe in pure education and building a community of Professional traders through our courses.

When you Get over excited, optimistic, greedy, or emotionally carried away as your selected stock touches new highs or lows and you decide to change your decision it will do more damage than good. Always follow the trend, do not ever go against it.


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