Easy Steps To Start Investing In Stock Market


Start investing in Stock Market even if your are a newbie.

Investing in Stock Market is an amazing opportunity. Apart from governing the economy of a country, stocks help regulate trade and steady progress among companies. Every day Thousands of Crores are traded in stocks and companies rise and fall within hours. The Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are probably chaos theatre every day of the week. It is very easy to get lost in the abyss that is Stock market.

The baby steps for any investor are probably his biggest challenge, but we are here to guide you through all the noise!! Here are the five steps you must follow to start investing in stock market.


Opening an account is an ease.

First things first, Open Trading and Demat account with a best broker available. Start by selecting a reputed broker to associate with. Brokers like Motilal Oswal, Angel Broking and Zerodha provide amazing support and security. Look at the fee structures of Annual charges and Brokerage, create an account and provide the necessary documents, that’s it and your Demat account is ready to start Trading. Almost every broker has annual fee waived off on 1st year.

Trading in Stock Market.

The first step to investing in stocks is calling the broker and ordering stocks from their desk. The most popular way, however, is trading the stocks directly online via trading software.


Decide Trading Period which suits you best.

Decide whether you want to Do Intraday Trading, BTST Trading, Short Term Trading or Long-Term Trading. Intraday Trading means trading within the day or in one trading session. BTST Trading is the practice of buying stocks today and selling them off tomorrow. While Short term and Long-term trading deal with a shorter or broader time span. Make sure you do stock analysis before choosing your method of trading.


Money Management is Important.

Smart Money management is everything in the stock market. Do your research and do a thorough background check on the company you are going to invest your stocks. A bit of research and smart money management will keep you ahead of the curve. Decide how much Capital or Money you want to Invest in a Particular Stock or Company.


Use Stop-Loss on every Trades.

Decide how much Stop-loss you have to keep during Investing. Like if a Particular Shares go against you, you will lose only the money you kept as Stop-loss. Sometimes Stop-loss get triggered by your pre-defined price and sometimes it doesn’t due to High Volatility in Market.


Panic Control.

So now you have an account, you have invested in stocks, did background research and have sound money management, however, stocks are a volatile market. Ups and downs in the stock market are a part of everyday business and sometimes these swinging prices create havoc among the buyers. They panic sell fearing more loss and are forced to close trades in the loss.


The Waiting games of patience.

After you have opened trades, it’s important to be patient and play the waiting game. Carefully analyse the market and increase your knowledge of the company, once you see an opening, plan the perfect exit. As you spend more time investing and learning about share market, your experience will start guiding you and you will make better judgments about what to do and what not to do. Share market can be tricky but for an experienced trader, they are just stepping stones.


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